The Brevard Community Band               
Brevard, North Carolina
Jamie Hafner, Conductor

Mark, Mary Selvidge and Lars Hartman

Two FANTASTIC musicians and one wanna be LOLOLOL

Mark is listed as a member of the SPENCER DAVIS GROUP.  Spencer did a version of TEN RICHEST MEN on his Album KEEP ON ROLLIN

Pre-show tips from Percy Sledge

Mark and Tommy Red from Nantucket

(Tommy wrote "Hearts On Fire")

Mark with his Producer Benny Dellinger and Karen Cole Clarinet player from the BCB

Brevard Community Band

                Performers on 11:11

Jeff Alford- Drums

Angelina Andoloro- Keybords

Benny Dellinger- Guitar, Slide guitar, Keyboards, Vocals

Christopher DiPrimo-Percussion

Mark DiPrimo- Vocals, Guitar, Keyboard , Harmonica

Paul DiPrimo- 12 string guitar, acoustic guitar

Pete Frederick- Guitar

Ricky Holmes- Drumes

David Morrison- Bass

Paul Richter- Bass

​Phil Rueter- Bass

Me Jackie and T-Bird joking with Keith Urban

The name of the band that backs Mark is called "The SKEYE BROTHERS". They are all seasoned musicians and contribute to Marks unique sound individually.

Chillin' with Percy after the show