Until the power of Love overcomes the love of power, there will never be World peace.

Grandmothers Pain

World War ! had broken out. In the early 20th century Americans were eager to fight for their country. My Great Uncle Daniel went with his friends to get their physicals. Uncle Daniel suffered from the effects of Tuberculosis. He classified 4F meaning that  he was too unhealthy to serve. When he got back home he took so much grief from his friends and neighbors that , enraged, he went and signed up anyway. He was deployed and died of pneumonia in France just two weeks after deployment. The hurt followed my Grandmother to her grave. Uncle Daniels story makes me wonder what does the world gain from the pain caused by the death of someone serving their country. After two World Wars and on the cusp of a third are we closer to peace? 

‚ÄčGrandmother spoke of the day

Her Brother Daniel went away to fight in the first World war

The only 4F on the block, his friends and neighbors mocked 'til Daniel could take it no more

In a fit of rage he enlisted anyway, What did the World gain from my Grandmothers pain

All alone and frightened in that cold Army tent overcome by illness in just two weeks his life was spent

I wonder did young Daniel die in vain    100 years later I'm inspired to refrain

What did the World gain from my Grandmothers pain.

Left alone now with just her Mother

 She'd lost her father now her older Brother

Both at so young an age

Years later she would tell us the story

Of Uncle Daniels call to glory and in her eyes I could see the rage

She felt that awful day to see her brother embarrassed that way

What did the World gain from my Grandmothers pain