One of the THEME CAMPS of the BURNING MAN festival is 11:11

11:11 Make a Wish

It’s 11:11 – make a wish! Synchronicity at its finest plus the magic of the playa provides some powerful wishmaking opportunities. It’s a time for mindful intension, a time for deepest hopes, a time for silly little pleasures and fun! And in this camp, it’s always time to wish! 11:11 24/7, baby!

This is a time for you! And if you need help learning the beautiful art of wishmaking, come and we will teach you! Tune in, believe, express and observe: you wish might just come true.

We tried our best to guess and pre-fulfill some of the more common wishes out there: delicious coffee and artisanal tea blends, yoga, a place for rest, loving company, esthetic pleasure, hugs and good vibes.

It’s 11:11 somewhere! Make a wish!Contact: Hometown: Los Angeles

Begins August 27, 2017
Ends September 4, 2017
Frequency Annual
Venue Seven Mile Playa
Location(s) Black Rock Desert, Pershing County, Nevada, U.S.
Coordinates 40°47′13″N 119°12′16″WCoordinates:  40°47′13″N 119°12′16″W
Years active 31
Inaugurated June 21, 1986; 31 years ago
Founders Larry Harvey
John Law
Jerry James
Scott "The Hammer" Mucci
Attendance 65,922 (2014) [1]